Vintage Broncos Reimagined into Powerful and Robust Daily Drivers


A true work of art, high end custom Bronco builds combine the beauty of original Broncos with the technology of new vehicles. Enjoy your tailor-made Ford Bronco daily at work and play. Years of hard work have paid off - it's time that you owned something you truly love. 


Your Bronco is handled by ASI Certified, Ford Master Technicians with 20+ years experience building Ford vehicles.



Works of art, our custom Broncos are meticulously handcrafted. Only a handful are built each year.

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Broncos are in the Maxlider family going back generations to their childhood and beyond.

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A true work of art, high end custom Bronco builds combine the beauty of original Broncos with the technology of new vehicles. Enjoy your tailor-made Ford Bronco daily at work and play. Years of hard work have paid off - it's time that you owned something you truly love.

Finally, after years of hard work and savings, the time is right for you to purchase a custom Bronco build. You want to make wise decisions and work with a company that understands your vision, will guide you through the purchase process, and respect your budget. There are many moving pieces to a build like this - you want a company you can trust.

We understand how you feel, we've worked with many people like you that worked hard in order to purchase a Bronco build, and want the process to be smooth and the end product to be flawless. The Maxlider team has been driving, building, fixing, and studying new and old Ford vehicles for decades. With several ASI Certified Ford Master Technicians on the team, we know what it takes and what it costs to build your vision.


We take pride in our craftsmanship, creativity, and skill. Several of our custom Bronco builds have won awards around the country. A true mark of superiority and grandeur.

Awarded Top 10 Truck

SEMA Battle of the Builders 2018

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Awarded Top 10 Truck

SEMA Battle of the Builders 2017

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Best Truck/SUV

SEMA 2017 - Gran Turismo

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Although our custom Bronco builds look retro...don't be deceived. Our Ford Bronco builds have been reimagined from the iconic Bronco design into a handcrafted modern day masterpiece ready for the daily wear and tear of both work and play. Be ready...these builds draw quite a bit of attention from neighbors, coworkers, and strangers!

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    Air conditioning
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    Coyote engine
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    Overdrive transmission
  • hoop (1)
    Fuel injection
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    Touch screen stereo
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    Custom Leather Seats
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    Full Interior Cages
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    Electronic Components


You dream it, we'll build it. Your Bronco is built specifically with your wants and ideas. Just like the blueprints for a custom-built home, your Bronco will reflect your unique ideas and special details you have in mind for your vintage Ford Bronco. Browse a selection of completed high-end custom Ford Bronco builds for inspiration and ideas. 

NIL8 for United Pacific INdustries

The 4-Door Bronco

Clark's 1972 Bronco

Kelly's 1974 Coyote Blue Bronco

The Green Bronco

The Blue Bronco


Working with us to build your dream truck is easy...

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Browse Packages

The options are endless for your custom build. A great starting place is browsing our packages to see which category your desired build fits into.


Talk Vision

We'll discuss your ideas, dreams, and vision for your build. Along the way, we'll offer our opinions and technical expertise. Together, we'll develop a plan.


enjoy life

Once your new build is ready - drive away and find more life in the every day while making memories with your friends and family that last a lifetime.

Bronco Restoration Packages

Your dream ride is right around the corner. We are ready to discuss your ideas, budget, and timeline. Before our initial conversation, browse our package options below to get an idea of what we can do for you.


$25,000 - $90,000

  • Perfect for the DIY shopper looking for a lower-cost Bronco experience.
  • Receive professional Maxlider advice on improvements and upgrades that can be made to the vehicle.
  • If requested, we can do the work before it ships to you.
  • Get ready to roll up your sleeves - this truck will need repairs and upgrades.
  • You will need a relationship with a shop in your area.
  • Requires a sense of humor!


$90,000 - $165,000

  • These Broncos are built by an owner operator or smaller restoration shop and then acquired by Maxlider.
  • We validate the work done by the previous owner and can perform upgrades and customizations you desire.
  • While it may not be a Maxlider custom build, you can expect a well-functioning Bronco with standard-level quality craftsmanship.

Maxlider Base

$165,000 - $235,000

  • Win your local car show - this Bronco is 100% brand new!
  • We use the finest donor Broncos to begin this custom build. We transform this Bronco into a modernized daily driver with the highest quality parts and Maxlider best practices.
  • Every aspect of this build is brand new.
  • Ford roller 302 engine or upgrade to a brand-new Coyote 5.0L
  • Select the appropriate transmission for the engine and your driving style.

Maxlider Premium &
Platinum Builds

$235,000 and up

  • A one-of-a-kind work of art. The highest level of quality and craftsmanship.
  • This 100% brand-new Ford Bronco is on par with the award winning vehicles we have taken to SEMA.
  • Enjoy this fully remastered truck for daily driving, including a brand new Coyote 5.0L engine and 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • This package includes all of the modern luxury and power options we offer. It's built for daily driving on all types of roads at any speeds.
  • THE definition of excellence in Bronco craftsmanship. The best of the best in the Bronco industry.

Want Something Bigger and Badder? Check out the 4-door Bronco