Maxlider’s 4-Door 1966 Ford Bronco: An Inside Look

By mavidea | October 28, 2017

The Ford Bronco was launched in 1966 as a 2-door, 4-wheel-drive, off-road beast. Ford wanted a sporty 4×4 that piggy-backed off the wildly successful Mustang that was launched nearly 2 years earlier.  They quickly developed a cult-like following, but didn’t become wildly popular until 10 years ago when American’s seemed to rediscover the early Bronco… Continue Reading

How to Buy a Classic Ford Bronco: 8 Things You HAVE To Consider

By Erik Maxlider | October 16, 2017

By Maxlider’s Erik Maxlider  The Ford Bronco is the most complicated simple thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Basically, it’s a sculpture you can drive. Depending on the year, where it was built, who has worked on it since, and the time and care (or lack of) that went into it, two seemingly identical… Continue Reading

Buying a Classic Ford Bronco? 5 Questions to Ask

By Erik Maxlider | October 5, 2017

By Maxlider’s Erik Maxlider  “I have a 1966 Ford Bronco I’m trying to get rid of, are you interested?” Even after buying, selling, building, and restoring hundreds of Ford Broncos, each time I hear from a seller or track down what looks to be a perfect Bronco to restore, I get excited. I’m like a… Continue Reading

10 Frequently Asked Ford Bronco Questions and Answers

By Erik Maxlider | September 20, 2017

      With the Ford Bronco market hotter than ever, Maxlider Brothers Customs receives 75-100 text messages, emails, and phone calls every day. We’re very thankful for our customers, fans, and followers and we try to answer every question and respond to every social media comment within a few hours. To help answer your… Continue Reading

2020 Vision: How the Classic Ford Bronco Market Will Change Leading Up To The New Model

By Erik Maxlider | September 13, 2017

The Maxlider family has had its hands on Ford Broncos since their introduction in 1966. We’ve seen changes in the market for Broncos, from new generations and body styles to the infamy of the OJ Simpson car chase, to new competitors popping up and folding along the way. As interest and sales in Broncos declined… Continue Reading

Maxlider in National eBay Ad

Did You See Us? Maxlider in “Fill Your Cart with Color” National eBay Ad Campaign & eBay Motors Blog

By Erik Maxlider | September 5, 2017

Did you see us? Maxlider Brothers Customs, your favorite custom hot-rod shop, was recently featured in the national eBay “Fill Your Cart with Color” ad campaign. Thirty-four seconds into the ad, which shows companies with a personality that sell on eBay, you can see Maxlider’s Erik yelling into the camera as a modified 1969 Ford… Continue Reading

The New 2020 Ford Bronco: 8 Predictions from Maxlider Brothers Customs

By Erik Maxlider | August 30, 2017

When the new Ford Bronco was confirmed in 2016, our phone started ringing, and it hasn’t stopped. We’ve been getting calls, emails, texts, and questions on social media all asking us for our thoughts and predictions on the new Bronco. While excitement for the new model is high, Ford has been quiet. Finding official information… Continue Reading