I bought a car over text!

You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when I told him I just bought a vintage Bronco from a guy in Illinois and had it shipped to our home in Oregon.

After two years of combing the internet for a daily driver I could use to promote my coffee shop I was weary from dishonest sellers and bad communication. I stumbled upon Maxlider Brothers Customs, if you can believe it, via Instagram. I found them under the hashtag #vintagebroncos

I may or may not have tracked down Erik's phone number by stalking him a little on the internet. Scrolling through pictures of his inventory I knew this guy could help me find the Bronco I was searching for. I left a voice message on his cell phone acknowledging how crazy I sounded. I ended the phone call by saying that I would understand if he didn't call me back, shipping a vintage car to Oregon was a bit far-fetched after all.

Erik called the next day and walked me through three tiers of classic vehicles based on budget, amenities and overall condition. He coached me through my expectations based on my budget asked very specific questions to nail down my very vague request for a "daily driver."  Erik took great care in locating the right vehicle for me. He communicated often over text keeping me posted on his progress. Once we found the right vehicle the scariest part of the transaction turned out to be the easiest. I wired money. He put me in touch with his favorite auto transporter (Pat at Ultimate Auto Shipping) and 6 days later Lucille was in my driveway. In Oregon.

While flipping through Lucille's paperwork I noticed that in the spring of 2005 she was a broke down shell, in pieces, not running at all. (The previous bill of sale shows she was given up for $100.) Over the last ten years she had been poked and prodded, rebuilt and restored to her roaring 302 prime, with a few flaws one might expect from a forty-six year old lady. I blinked back tears when I realized her restoration began nearly the same time mine did, barely a month apart from when I lost my fancy job and decided to open a coffee shop in Gresham Oregon. Lucille's story is practically mine. In the last ten years I have been prodded and gutted, stripped down and rebuilt; a season of nearly constant adjustment. Lucille and I have found each other now, both of us feeling prime and apart from the cosmetic blemishes that come with being forty-something you're looking at two eager ladies ready to get on down the road and make some memories!

I am so glad Erik called back the crazy lady from Oregon last spring. The team at Maxlider Brothers Customs truly want to match these vehicles with the right owners. Erik has a passion for getting these beauties back on the road and it shows in his craftsmanship and the way he conducts business.

Best car buying experience I've ever had. And most of it really was over text.

Thanks, Erik and team!  Visit Oregon anytime guys - the coffee is on me!

Leah McMahon
Silk Espresso
Gresham, Oregon 

Courtesy of Candice Martin PhotographyCourtesy of Candice Martin Photography
Courtesy of Candice Martin Photography

Photos Courtesy of Candice Martin Photography